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Review by Tammy Kent
(Posted on 1/18/17)


E-Collar - 1 mile range
I have Huskies and as you know they like to roam. I purchased an earlier version of this collar 10 years ago. My collar is STILL 100% working. Yes, it has saved my dog many many times when she was young and I was training her on the recall beep. She has also gotten out of our fence a few times and disappeared. With the 1-mile range, all I had to do was "zap" her and she came hauling around the corner (saying.... don't zap me again)... but she came home. I don't hunt; however, I now have 4 dogs (Huskies) and I expanded and got 3 more collars. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COLLAR AND THE COMPANY!!! Best customer service I've ever had from a product I purchased. Work every penny of the cost of the system. When I purchased 10 years ago... it was $250. Pretty good it's only gone up $50 in 10 years. Thank you Sportdog for an AWESOME PRODUCT and your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Review by Carrie
(Posted on 3/10/16)


Love this collar for both my Setters
I have been using the 1825 for 5 years now on my older dog, and bought one for my younger dog 2 years ago also. VERY pleased, it has held up to all kinds of abuse. We hike 3-4 days a week, hunt hard in season, and have even taken several trips to the ocean and the collars have held up beautifully. With dogs off lease as much as mine are having the ability to know I can ALWAYS recall them back for their safety and my sanity is priceless.

Review by Beth
(Posted on 12/4/15)


Great Product!
I just got this collar so can't say too much, but based on the Sport Dog collars I've already owned/own I know this one will be just as good! I LOVE the fact it has a switch so I don't lose any functions from adding a dog like I would have with my other collar (the 425s) even better, the 425s collar hooks up to this remote!!! Was super happy to find that out as had just got the other collar in May and needed another collar for my pup but didn't want to lose the side beep button. My friend has a remote just the same and its so easy to switch back and forth between dogs. VERY happy with Sport Dog brand! They always stand by their products and help so much!! (they helped me set my collars up and sync my 425s to my 1825) Amazing products from an amazing company! HIGHLY recommend!!

Review by Brett Melton
(Posted on 7/25/15)


Great product
I'm going on my third year with this product and I haven't had any issues. I recommend this collar to anyone who wants a reliable product and great costumer service.

Review by Rick Grassie
(Posted on 2/5/15)


excellent product-
Waterproof- my Lab not only swims in the ocean every morning we go to the beach, but then comes home and heads into the swimming pool.
After 15 months the battery would not charge in the receiver. Called Sport Dog- they sent out another within 5 days.
After installing the new battery- same problem- would not charge. Called Sport Dog- this time they sent out a new receiver and battery charger-
After all was said and done- it was the receiver- as the original charger worked just fine with the new receiver.

FYI all this was covered under their 2 year warranty! Fast and very courteous service all the way around.

Thanks SportDOG

Review by Tim Cooper
(Posted on 1/31/15)


Waterproof - Field Test
This combo is great and I have had it for years now using it with several dogs. The custom options that allow you to program various levels and use sound and vibration. I use it with two collars at a time and it works very well. Transmitter size is great when you consider all the functions and the range is good enough for my retrievers. I have never had them exceed range that I can detect. But the best thing I can share is I dropped the transmitter while on a duck hunt in the morning. The following morning I returned to my blind and retraced my footsteps and found the transmitter laying on the bottom of a clear spot in about a foot of water. It has worked well with no issues for a year after this event. I moved over from another well known brand that lacked some of the features of this collar. I will stay with SportDOG as long as they make this fine of a product.

(Posted on 9/30/14)


very good collar

Review by Liz
(Posted on 8/27/14)


Everything I could've wanted and more and not just for hunters!
I have two Siberian Huskies. They are fantastic dogs but are very stubborn. Siberian Huskies are notorious for terrible recall which is what we wanted to work on. I was looking for a system that had electronic correction,vibration correction and tone correction. This has all of that, is programable and is waterproof (I think up to 25ft but my dogs don't go that deep) I haven't purchased the add on collar yet but I can expand for up to 6 dogs! The work I've done with my male siberian is showing. He comes when called now and I've only had to use electronic correction 2x. The learning materials that come with the kit are really comprehensive as well. We will be putting this to the test when we go camping in a few weeks. Let's hope that mile radius really works!

Review by Katie Lacy
(Posted on 6/30/14)


Best collar you'll ever have!
I bought this collar a few years ago and really put it through the ringer. My dog swims with it and everything and its still going strong, keeping a charge and working at long distances. I'd recommend this product to anyone that needs a remote trainer at a long range.

Review by Michael
(Posted on 12/31/13)


Review of the 1825
An excellent product without a doubt!! I have owned one other brand of remote trainer and this one is superior in every way. The collar goes a long time without requiring a recharge. The remote is simple and built with quality. My lab has been in the water countless time and the collar has never failed. I have the best trained hunting dog of anyone I know and it's due to the hard work with the right equipment.

Review by lisalea
(Posted on 11/21/13)


Awesome for hiking with my dogs!
I don't hunt, but my dogs do have high prey drive and often bark at the few strangers we encounter while out hiking. This system keeps my dogs in check. I used the "stimulation" just a couple of times and have had to use only the tone since then. They stop on a dime now and even respond with mere voice requests rather than the toning. It has excellent distance coverage (I like my dogs to have the freedom to explore) easy to use and the collars seem bomb-proof. My only wish is that there was a built-in clip so I could clip the remote onto my clothing - hanging it around my neck is not comfortable or convenient.

Review by Lloyd Little
(Posted on 10/29/13)


Overall excellent satisfaction with product.
After using this product for at least 5 years I am very satisfied with the performance of the collars. I run two dogs and am pleased that I can control both of them with little effort. Once in a while I get the wrong dog, but that is my fault for not paying attentin.
The thing I am most pleased and impressed with is the warranty service. I have had a couple of issues with the transmitter and one with a collar and in all instances the problem was taken care of very quickly and at no cost to me. That is a very pleasant surprise in this day and age. The people I spoke with were very helpful and pleasing to visit with. I can't recommend this product highly enough. My unit is now out of warranty, but still works well and I am considering ordering a backup for an upcoming 1 week trip just incase.
Again, very satisfied and impressed with the product and service.

Review by Roy
(Posted on 9/16/13)


The battery in the handheld remote went bad just over a year old.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear you had battery issues. The life of our batteries is generally much longer, but it is not impossible to get a defective battery. We do offer a 2 year warranty on this product and can help get you taken care of very quickly. We will try reaching out to you or you are welcome to call us at 800.7324.0144.

Review by Colleen
(Posted on 9/2/13)


Curbing aggressive behavior in a Great Dane.
Max was 1 1/2 years old when I rescued him from euthanasia at a Vet ER. What I did n't know at the time was that his original owners never trained or socialized him, and we learned that he is dog aggressive. I followed a friend's advice and bought this collar and walks have become enjoyable with only a rare tone correction being needed. Recently at a vet visit a small dog on an extended lead kept barking at him and I watched his stress level change. It was a small area so for the first time I cranked the dial all the way up to 8. A 116# Great Dane in a small confined area was not something I was ready to deal with. He lunged and I punched the button. He yelped, jumped onto the couch, over me and the arm rest, and landed in a perfect down position where he stayed until I gave him permission to move. So far we have introduced him to 3 new dogs and have had no issues with aggression on his part.

Review by Bruce S
(Posted on 7/12/13)


The Best Trainer Out There
Prior to my owning the 1825, I owned the 1225. I thought the 1225 was the best trainer available until I started using the 1825. With the toggle on the 1825, I have access to more than twice the functions available to me with the 1225. I still own my 1225, but I have no use for it other than as a spare if I ever need it.

Both the 1225 and 1825 make dog training so easy on the dog and the owner. I recommend both, but I highly recommend the 1825 if you have two or more dogs you want to control with just one transmitter. The 1225 is good for two dogs, also, but the 1825 is by far the best.

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