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Review by Kat D
(Posted on 8/3/17)


Good product but miss vibrate for multiple dogs
I have 2 dogs and live on an acreage. When they started ignoring my 'come' command, got 425 collars for them at the suggestion of a trainer. They quickly learned and I'm happy to say all that is needed is a vibrate reminder for them to come home. However, we live near a wildlife refuge and sometimes they wander out of range. I've had the collars a little over a year. The charging prong broke off 1 of the collars so I decided to replace it with a longer range 1225 collars. I was disappointed to find the remote did not have a specific vibrate level like the 425. From what I can tell, only the side button can be used for vibrate mode and adding another collar to the remote eliminates the vibrate mode. Since my dogs have been trained to respond to vibrate and only rarely need a stimulate reminder, I guess I need to keep using 2 separate remotes. So while the claim is that you can have up to 3 dogs per remote, it only works if you're going to 'stimulate' them. I had hoped the 1225 would be just like the 425 but with the longer range. In general the collars have held up well, even with all the wrestling, swimming, and running thru forests.

Review by Shelby
(Posted on 6/21/16)


1225 Review
Great product! I have had this collar for just coming on 2 years and it paid for itself in the first week. It is a perfect fit for my English Pointer whether we are hunting or just going on trail hikes. I also bought an additional collar about a year and a half ago that I use on my German Shepherd. It's so nice being able to control both collars from one remote. The older of the two collars just started having button issues from all the use. Customer service was great in addressing the issue and sent me a brand new collar to replace the old one. I'm a SportDog user for life.

Review by Brianna
(Posted on 2/2/16)


Look No Further!
This is the ONLY brand collar ypu need! I purchased this collar for my rescued gspXlab. It came on time! I registered it immediately so the waranty would be in place.. But i don't think i will ever have to use the warrenty honestly! This thing paid for itself the first day in the field when she found some turkeys and took off after them! I can't begin to describe how robust this thing is. My girl is TOUGH and seems to feel nothing. When she goes after a rabbit she will crash her way through anything. This collar has survived and thrived the severe punishment that my dog deals out on it and continues to work for me. The collar has been frozen solid in ice, and still worked! -10 winchill, no problem! It charges fast, and holds charge like none other. I could not be happier, and will have a collar from sport dog for all my future dogs. Thanks Sport Dog! Happy hunting!

Review by George
(Posted on 10/18/15)


Excellent for training
This receiver collar and transmitter have been excellent in training our rescue pit bull. In just a few days we trained her in obeying commands we had not been able to teach previously.
Thank you,
P.S. need to get replacement dial / knob for the transmitter


Thank you for your feedback, George! We are always excited to hear about the ways that our trainers can help the relationship between a person and his or her dog. Please know that this system carries a 2 year warranty. For more information, please give us a call at 1-800-732-0144. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. ET and Saturdays 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. ET.

Review by David
(Posted on 10/5/15)


Pretty Good Collar
I like the simple design and use. It responds well for about 3 hours and then it goes down hill, but not bad for the price. A decent collar for the budget conscious.


Thank you for your feedback, David. Please know that these Li-Ion batteries should be getting about 40-60 hours of on-time with a full charge. Please also know that this unit carries a 2 year warranty and the batteries are replaceable. If you continue to have trouble with the battery life of your unit give us a call for troubleshooting and assistance at 1-800-732-0144.

Review by Keith Crawford
(Posted on 5/21/15)


This thing is awesome!
It just plain works, and works very well. It's a no BS, durable e-collar which is exactly what I wanted. It's worth every penny, don't buy some cheap knockoff because you'll end up replacing it in days or weeks.

Review by Sandra
(Posted on 1/7/15)


Rugged, Hard working system!
I have owned this e-collar system for three years now. I just ordered my second system and an extra collar.(my 1st system still works great) So I myself am a repeat customer. This collar has held up great and my dogs have put it through hell, Swimming (freshwater), hunting, romping with each other, etc. I have a lab cross and two 100 lb+ dobermans so not "little" dogs, big dogs, big play = rough housing and lots of it.This collar has not only met but exceeded all expectations of it. I had tried two other brands (petsafe and cabelas gundog) before buying the SD-1225. This system far surrpasses either of them in quality, longevity and durability. This system is still alive and kicking and others arent, plain and simple. It has awesome recharge time, the charge lasts for a full days hunting (unless you are really having to get after a dog A LOT but it still lasts longer than the other systems I have owned.) It has worked flawlessly in any weather conditions I've used it in -50 degrees in a North Dakota winter to 110 degrees in the summer never fails my collar system works. After three years the neck strap has a few minor cracks in it but being used daily and being taken off and put on at least 5 times a day ( my dogs only wear their collars while outside of the house) but one would think that would be expected. It would be nice if they went to the softer biothane as it never cracks in years of use in any weather but oh well, maybe someday. The battery in the handheld unit has started to show signs of needing to be replaced (its taking longer than normal to recharge) but again after three years of daily use/changing one should expect this. I got a second system only so that I can take some/one of our dogs someplace and not leave the person at home collarless since I would have the handheld with me. I thought about buying a second handheld but I have 3 dogs and all are trained to respect the vibrate button but you loose that if using this system for 3 dogs :-(

Review by Ray Kerimian
(Posted on 8/5/14)


Awesome Collar & Fantastic Support!
The collar is designed perfectly for ease of use. I have many of these collars and occasionally needed to call support for warranty replacement. Each time they happily replaced my product quickly and at no cost. Thank you SportDOG!

Review by Tim Johnson
(Posted on 7/21/14)


I have used this for one full season in the field with a one year old pup. In the cold and heat and wet I never had an issue and dog responded well once I dialed in the stimulus to the right level for him. This product does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Review by Tyson
(Posted on 3/13/14)


Excellent Product...VERY durable
I've had my Sporthunter Transceiver/Collar for 3-4 years now and it has been through the good the bad and ugly with my (now 7yr old) Red Setter who had very little training and a tendency to bolt when I adopted her.

Cunning and fast...I've needed ever bit of the 3/4 mile transceiver strength several times. As long as there have been no major obstructions between me and the dog...that tiny red spec in the distance will come back in no time.

I really like that it has 3 commands; beep, vibrate, shock/stimulate. Very rare do I have to stimulate as my dog knows very well what comes after 3 beeps and vibration. Almost always does she mind to a single beep.

My dog has a LOT of energy when outside and has really put the receiver through the ringer and I've had ZERO issues to show for it. The receiver has been submerged on several occasions, however, my dog is not a huge water dog so, besides living in wet Western Washington the unit has primarily been in the dry.

Very happy with this product, I think my dog is too...she is always happy to put it on because she knows it's time to go hunt, walk or have some kind of fun! Definitely would recommend this product to for a variety of dog owners.

In my case it has been man's (2nd) best friend!

Review by Adrián C. Meri
(Posted on 1/28/14)


I received the Sporthunter 1225 one week ago. I went out with my Dachshund to the field and after just two "touches" it has changed his behaviour and does what I ask him at the first whistle call. I am really satisfied with this product and do recommedn it.

Review by Rebecca
(Posted on 1/2/14)


This Product is great
I tried this collar for a few a days before and loved it (returned it because of money issues). I sent my dog through his leash training and he did great. He is a lab and loves to run. We went back for this specific collar because it just enhanced my dog's good behavior. Love it

Review by Aaron Snyder
(Posted on 12/8/13)


A Joke
After replacing my old Innotek Command Series collars with what Sportdog CLAIMED to be a comparable collar I am VERY displeased. I was able to somewhat overlook the lack of features compared to my old collars but can not overlook the dismal range these collars have. They claim a 3/4 mile range for the 1225. I tested these collars tonight and found that a mere 3/10 of a mile through SPARSE vegetation and the collars no longer receive the command.
Really folks. Is this collar not called the Sport Hunter? Well just to clue ya in. We're not hunting on a sheet of glass. Trees, weeds and shrubs is where the hunting is.
I'll be calling tomorrow.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We are sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble with your system. We assure you that we rigorously test our systems for our range claims. The range referred to on the box is line-of-sight (think hunting in South Dakota) and can vary with the surroundings. For example, if you were hunting in a densely forested and mountainous region, you might get down to as little as half the line of sight. Many of us are in such terrain being headquartered in East Tennessee. If you are often hunting in dense and mountainous terrain, you may be more interested in our SportHunter 1825 model or the HoundHunter 3225 The systems offer a mile and 2 mile range respectively.

Review by Ray Kerimian
(Posted on 9/5/13)


Best E-Collar on the Market!!!!
The design is simple and easy to use. You never have to look at the remote transmitter to know what level of intensity you are at, the collar has 3 modes to adjust to any dog's sensitivity. You don't get any better than this. I hope this collar remains available with SportDog and the features don't change as it fits my training style perfectly.

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