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Review by Ryan D.
(Posted on 8/9/17)


Great system, poor collars
Overall: Great buy, would do it again with some modifications.

Pros: I have two dogs and this system has been great in almost every way. The anti-linger feature works great to prevent against the dogs learning the weak spots of the system. My system has been so effective my neighbors even asked about it and purchased one on my recommendation for their two dogs.

Cons: The collars are a big large which is to be expected but they also have housings that crack. I was especially careful after the first collar started to crack to make sure I did not over-tighten the screws by any measure and both collars eventually failed. This created a horribly stressful situation with my dogs when the collars started shorting out and shocking my two buddies randomly. Their near perfect initial training took several steps back due to poor designs of the collars and the rubber seals.

Overall: At $100 a collar I would expect a bit more quality and not something that would end up failing in a way that it eventually ends up randomly torturing my dogs and stressing them out.


We're very sorry about the issues you've run into with your receiver collars, Ryan! We certainly want you to have receiver collars that you can depend on and would be more than happy to assist you in getting those replaced with working units. Keep in mind that the system and receiver collars themselves are covered by a two-year warranty which would more than likely cover this issue. Please give us a call at the number 1-800-275-6797 and we would be glad to help.

Review by Kristin and Vicki
(Posted on 7/23/17)


It's perfect when it's working
I'm a bit torn on this fence. It has caused me a lot of frustration but when it works it is perfect. It took us over a week to install it the first time. Digging and burying the wire was painful and long. When we finally got done, it took less than a week to get my smart, headstrong, pitbull fully trained with very little work. I am a combat veteran and I have been trying to recover from a massive breakdown for almost a year now. My dog is my lifeline. And now that I have him I don't see life without him as a possibility. I am not exaggerating...after being plagued with suicidal thoughts almost daily for several months, my dog has been the only security I have as far as making it through the days. He has extended my life for as long as he lives. So, the fact that this fence can keep my dog safe in our yard is greatest gift (besides him) that I could have ever needed. But after owning it for approximately 6 months the alarm has gone off 3 times. All 3 times, my system passed the loop test. This last time we got fed up because we couldn't find the break and we pulled it out and we are now working on replacing it with thicker wire. It's been out of service for 3 weeks and my dog has been leaving the property as often as I take my eyes off of him. I've called support but they are not more helpful than the manual is. This fence is a life safer when it's working but, man, it's hard to keep it going.


We are terribly sorry to hear about your installation experience with your SDF-100A! Here at SportDOG, our pets are our family members, and we always want them to stay as safe and as happy as possible! We do understand how frustrating it is when a product stops working as expected, and we certainly want to help!

There are many factors to consider when installing an in-ground containment system, some of these are environment and placement of the equipment. There are many reasons for the wire to cause a signal interruption, some of these being splice disconnection, high traffic areas, and insulation wear and tear due to weather or animal damage (rodents, etc.).

We do thank you for your service and protection, and we are so glad to hear that you have such a great buddy to help you through this time in your life! We will be reaching out to you privately with some more troubleshooting tips and information so you can get your containment system up and running as soon as possible.

Review by Amanda
(Posted on 3/30/17)


Love it
We put this fence in for our pit bull mix, so she'd quit roaming the neighborhood. It took one day for her to figure it out, and about two weeks of coaxing for her to want to go outside again. However, it is now working perfectly, to the point that she is in and out like a cat, all day long. We are going to find another rescue soon, so she can have a buddy. I was honestly shocked at the price of a new collar, though. If you're going to charge over 100 dollars, maybe a sturdier strap would be in order. The system itself works fabulous and I could not be more pleased with watching our pupper charge around the yard, knowing exactly where she belongs.


Thanks for taking the time to review the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence™! We are so glad to hear that your Pit Bull is enjoying the fence. It is recommended to use the full training guide included the manual to ensure that your dog fully understands his or her boundaries. We are sorry to hear that the collar strap did not work well for you, and we appreciate all feedback. I you have any questions at all, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Samuel martinez
(Posted on 1/22/17)


Great product and easy to install
We have a 103lb lab and weighed the cost of a fence at upwards of $8k vs $300 for an invisible fence and this fence has turned out to be the best decision financially but also preserved the esthetics of my home. I do wish there were accessories that could be purchased like a remote that could be used for behavior correction.

Review by Jeff S
(Posted on 10/19/16)


good product
installation was straight forward, just tedious. I wish there was a collar that was nylon with a clasp that I could set for the dog and leave it be. Even if an aftermarket collar to transfer the transmitter to. I understand cutting it to fit, but right now he is still a learning and growing puppy, so I don't want to cut off a bunch of collar yet. there does seem to be a delay upon walking up to the buried wire. I am still quite pleased with the product. I have 3/4 of an acre, I upgraded to heavier wire, using 14 gauge instead of 20.


Thank you for sharing your story, Jeff! We are glad to hear that the fence is working well for your pup, but sorry to hear that setup was a bit tedious. We may have some alternate strap options that will work for your scenario. We will reach out to you privately but if you need to get in touch right away our number is 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Greg
(Posted on 6/16/16)


easy warranty
I had a problem with a collar module and I called for warranty. They sent me a new one immediately. It was probably the easiest time I have ever had with a warranty item in my life. The staff was very nice and helpful. The system works great and my dog enjoys running around our 3 acres instead of being tide up. Thanks

Review by Keith
(Posted on 6/7/16)


Fantastic customer service and product
I have had multiple under ground fence units in the past, but none as good Sportdog. This unit keeps my 2 gsp's in our 3 acres without any issue until lightning hit it. Luckily it has replaceable fuses! After replacing the fuses my unit still would not power on, called customer service, within five mins my replacement unit was on its way. It was delivered quicker than the 5 days they said it would take to receive the unit, and it was up and working within a few minutes. We love our Sportdog under ground fence, with its 2 year warranty, and the great, quick customer service department!!! I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a great underground fence unit!

Review by Brandon H.
(Posted on 5/11/16)


Great product, even better customer service!
I can not say enough positive about the sportdog company! The underground fence was very easy to install and the collar has held up much better than anticipated. I have a 2yr old lab/corgi mix with mountains of energy! She never stops, from playing with other dogs to sprints through the woods at night chasing forest critters. The collar has been beat up, scratched, soaked in the rain (she loves mud), covered in dirt and sand when she digs new craters, and it's still kicking! The battery life is amazing as I have almost had an entire year out of the first battery!
The best thing about sport dog though has to be their customer service. My first interaction with them unfortunately was right out of the box with a bad transmitter. However, a quick call at 7pm on Saturday July 4th and a warranty replacement was on its way to my house (which arrived by Wednesday of next week.) I will not hesitate to buy from them again and will happily recommend their products to anyone in need of dog training supplies! Thank you sport dog for an awesome product and amazing customer support!

Review by Cody H.
(Posted on 4/11/16)


Works great
I purchased this fence after having my german shorthair pointer/lab dog Beau run away for the 4th time. Installation was very time consuming, we used a pick ax to make the shallow trench. Instructions were great and some good tips for training your dog as well. So far so good signal, is consistant and the vibration and sound is perfect for warning before correction. Day one of training he recognizes the flags as danger and the sound. And a couple shoks got him runnin right nack to the yard. Hes a little scared now but its only been one day. Im sure eventually he will understand it well. I would highly reccomend this product. Well worth the money.

Review by Kyle
(Posted on 2/23/16)


Money saving, Time saving product
After building a new house my options were were a $5000 chain link fence or a in ground fence,for under $300. After much research Sport Dog looked like the best option, I have had it over a year and have not had one problem out of it.

Review by Stephen Skochinsky
(Posted on 12/19/15)


Excellent fence.
Have ad this for 4 yrs now and performs excellent. Never had any problems with this unit. Excellent expansion features, and especially like the ability to use instant shock, instead of the warning first.
Great product, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for underground fence. 100% satisfaction.

Review by John Merriner
(Posted on 8/5/15)


Excellent Purchase
After 3 trips to the animal shelter to retrieve my wandering beast I admitted to myself I needed a containment area. I checked with Sportdog about the need to bury the perimeter wire since I lived in the middle of 9 wooded acres and was advised that it would work fine. Initially I was going to install above ground on wooden pickets but decided to just lay wire on the ground and let the leaves cover it up, although it is buried where it crosses my driveway and from the house out to the perimeter. Obviously installation was breeze. I installed 1000 feet of perimeter wire, a little more than 1.5 acres of containment. The system works great and since my dog was trained with a tone trainer there was no learning curve. For the first few days he would immediately return to the porch after venturing to close to the perimeter. He has came back with a yelp a time or two when he tested the bounds. The unit also has a perimeter wire break alarm that works perfectly. I would and do recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable system.

Review by Curt
(Posted on 8/1/15)


Amazing product
I almost never write reviews, but I really felt this company and product deserve a 5 star glowing review. If you are considering an in ground fence look no further, I owned another popular cheaper in ground fence and there is honestly no comparison in quality. We recently had a lighting storm that I assume took out our fence transmitter and I had no hesitation in going and buying this product again. All the parts and packaging are top quality. The web site is very helpful for troubleshooting and answering any questions you might have.

Good work people!

Review by Sharon
(Posted on 4/14/15)


Love this fence
We have 36 acres of land 16 of which has Field fence around it. Having a farm with chickens, goats, and other farm animals, we purchased 2 Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASD) to keep them safe. We had been told these dogs are notorious for jumping 5 foot fences and digging craters to get out. This was our solution before the problem started. This fence goes around the entire 16 fenced acres. I upgraded to the heavy duty wire (14g) and attached it to our fence running it through water hose where we drive across it. No problem The dogs have a healthy respect for the shock when it is on high and their collars are fitted properly.
Pros: The battery is great. I love that I can run out and buy a 9V put it in and it is good for a LONG time. I don't have to special order or hunt for a battery that is specific to this. Also works with my little dogs collar from Petsafe.
Cons: When the fence wire has a break the alarm sounds. We keep our alarm in a detached garage to protect if from the weather. There have been times that there was a break and we did not know until we went to the garage. Our dogs are smart smart and during this time they figured out the collars were not on. They were gone for 3 days. NOT GOOD. I would love a louder alarm or even a system that would alert you on your smart phone. Yes, I would pay more money gladly for this. Those three days took 10 years off my life. Also, would be cool if there was a GPS built into the system... I know I am asking a lot but I would love to have been able to find those two instead of suffering. Just a thought.

Review by Julie Dodson
(Posted on 4/7/15)


If only I had bought it sooner; works fantastic even with my German Shepherd Dog
Sadly I lost the lives of my two young shepherds on the road in front of my house before I purchased this system. I have a 40 acre farm and couldn't afford to physically fence it in. I purchased the Sport Dog in ground fence system after being satisfied with my electronic training collar system in the past. I upgraded the underground wire to the 14 ga. wire and fenced approximately 20 acres of my property. I now have 2 German Shepherds who love to chase the large trucks and this fence system prevents them from getting close to the road even at a dead run. I installed it myself and it has been the best investment for the safety of my dogs and the peace of mind for myself. If only I had purchased it sooner, I may have saved the lives of my other dogs. Key point to remember is to keep the collar snug on the dogs neck and to always make them wear the collars. I live in the snowy part of the country and it continued to work without fail through over 5-6 foot of snow depth on top of the ground. Very impressed and recommend the product to all my dog friends. Thank you.

Review by Tim Seeton
(Posted on 2/23/15)


Very Impressed, Very happy you couldn't convince me otherwise!
Very Impressed, Very happy you couldn't convince me otherwise

First, I have had this system for 11 months so far. I live in a townhouse development with my town home being the end unit and backing up to a lot of community land a bird sanctuary and a retention pound. So myself and 2 others neighbors with dogs about the same size 40-60lbs. chipped in and got the system with 2 extra collars and another transmitter because my neighbor who did the ordering was a woman and well I dont know. haha. Guessing about 4-5 acres are blocked in with 1 of the dogs go swimming daily and no problems there. Besides "Paige" (neighbors dog)has gotten smart and learned that she can swim around it and come out on the other side. haha and my wonderful "Gracie Lou" has learned that she can run down on top of my railroad ties that I use landscape boarders. Which we will be fixing both issues very soon. We did have to change a few fuses in one of the transmitters but that was our fault my neighbor had a roof leak on his screen porch and was getting it wet when it rained. Just the other day my other neighbor called about getting one of the boxes replaced because we could not figure out what went wrong with it. He told me they were going to send one out right away. There was a 2 year warranty. WOW great news. keep up the good new yall!!

thanks again,

Tim Seeton
Nate & Vanessa White
Joe Jesswein

Review by Eric
(Posted on 12/23/14)


Works great but had to do some modifications
I have a very wimpy German Shorthair Pointer. He does not like pain. After he got zapped the first time he wouldn't leave the porch for a few weeks. He really doesn't need the anything more than the tone. He also has some skin issues and the contacts were causing irritation on his neck. I tried to loosen the collar because of the irritation on his neck and he lost the collar. When I replaced the collar I got a web collar that I can just clip on and off and different screws so that they don't stick into his neck. That seems to work fine and he hasn't lost it yet.

Review by Steve Hammons
(Posted on 11/28/14)


Fantastic Product
I was very hesitant about purchasing this fence system, but in order to allow my GS to roam I gave it a shot. I rented a cable trencher and fenced in 2.75 acres in about 8 hours. This system worked as advertised and I have had no issues. My wife and I recently added some landscaping and this allowed me the flexibility to tie into the existing wire and outline the new flower beds in about an hour. We have had this fence for about a year and a half and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to protect their pet and still allow for maximum terrain to run.

Review by Sean Richards
(Posted on 11/4/14)


Great Purchase & Outstanding Customer Service
I purchased this in-ground fence apprehensive that it could contain our VERY stubborn dog. I installed this fence in a day and the training began. I fully expected to have to take the full 30days of training to get my dog to conform, but in only two short days my dog immediately new her boundaries. Even with the receiver on the lowest settings, my dog immediately associated her boundaries to the flags. During training she ran through the fence excited to see a neighbor, but upon stimulation immediately returned to her boundary and sat down. We are more than pleased with the system.

We did have an issue with the collar/receiver breaking only two weeks after use. The receiver housing cracked right at the point of attachment for the contact point. We're not sure if this a product issue or simply an isolated incident in which our dog got hung up on something. Either way, I contacted customer service and they replaced the receiver at no charge.

Definitely worth the money and piece of mind with containing our dog. No ugly privacy fence needed on our property now and if there is an issue, I am confident that Sport Dog Customer Service will be more than willing to help fix any problems.

Review by Scott
(Posted on 10/6/14)


Excellent Service
I have a SD in ground fence unit that was recently hit by lightning. I contacted support and I was informed that my unit would be replaced and suggested that I purchase a surge protection device for the outlet and did so. Very impressed with the service and support I received. The product itself has been very effective in keeping our german shorthair pointer on our property. Battery life on collar has been superb.
Thanks Dale!!!!

Review by Debra Carson
(Posted on 9/25/14)


Great product
Best money ever spent! Friends said by a Tag collar to track where she goes. I don't want to track her..I want her to stay in the yard !!Customer service over the top!!! I have 5 acres rough terrain, five foot double fence and a ground 2 foot barrier for digging under (or not). ..I've tried solar power electric fence and battery operated...This fence was done in 1/2 a day by just me! All 7 dogs in, I'm at work sipping coffee.:)

Review by Nancy
(Posted on 9/10/14)


Best Money I Ever Spent.....!!!!!!!.....!!!!!!!!!!....!!!!!!!!!
I researched and decided on this fence. My reason for selecting this fence was 1) I liked that this collar used a 9 volt battery 2) Not only did this collar beep, but it also vibrated. I liked this feature for dogs who lose their hearing or are hearing impaired. 3) I liked the acres this fence could cover for pretty much the same price as compared to other brands.

I would like to know if you sell accessories....???...such as an outdoor rock (keep out of flower bed) or a mini indoor (keep pets off your favorite chair or out of trash can, etc.) I have found products on the internet, but I do not now if they would be compatible with my SPORT DOG fence.

I would recommend this fence to anyone looking to keep your dog close to home and out of the road. Wish I had bought this years ago.

Review by Raul
(Posted on 5/11/14)


excellent product
This product works as advertised. My system has been in place for almost 2 years and performs very well. I ha E 1 acre and no problem for my 2 dogs.
Highly recommend it.

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