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Locator Beacons


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Locator Beacon

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The Locator Beacon is the easy, affordable way to keep track of dogs at night or in low light. This compact and versatile safety light can be used for everything from finding hounds during night hunts to providing added visibility - and peace of mind - during evening strolls with canine companions. The Locator Beacon provides up to 250 hours of on-time and can be set to either constant ON or FLASHING. The locator light includes a handy carabiner clip for attaching to a collar D-Ring, backpack strap, belt loop, or any collar strap up to 1 inch wide.


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  • Changes from solid to blinking with the press of a button
  • Fits both 1 inch and 3/4 inch collar straps
  • Carabiner included for easy attachment anywhere
  • Available in blue, red, white, green, or yellow
Waterproof Waterproof and submersible
Batteries Replaceable CR2032 batteries
Last about 250 hours
  • Locator Beacon
  • Collar Strap Adjuster
  • Carabiner
  • 2 CR2032 Batteries


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Customer Reviews

Review by Kyle F.

(Posted on 7/6/16)


Awesome for Camping!
For years I have taped glow sticks to my dogs collars when we go camping. This light is a much better alternative and is super bright and easily visible. I am actually gonna buy one for myself when I go backpacking, it would make a perfect emergency beacon as well.

As always, great products!!



Thank you for sharing your experience, Kyle. We are so glad to hear that you have enjoyed using our Locator Beacons, and that they are helpful to you in a variety of ways! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Molly

(Posted on 3/30/16)


Love It
I found a need for a light like this when we would be camping and couldn't see where the dog was. We would end up calling for her when she was just laying down nicely. I had a cheap keychain light we used for a while that was great, but too big for a collar. When I found out there was one made for her collar, I immediately got one. So far this has worked great. We use it outdoors at night and I even started using it on runs in the evening so cars can see us. It actually lights up the area around us pretty well. My only suggestion is to go with a colored one since it is pretty bright. I went with green so it doesn't bother the dog as much.

Review by Renee

(Posted on 12/22/15)


Great concept, not perfect yet
I have tried all kinds of collar lights, and none have really stood up to the test. This admittedly is the best so far, but here are my issues:
1) when my dogs wrestle, one of them always ends up biting off the cover off of the other dog's light (so far, we have been lucky and I have noticed right away and have to lost one).
2) they are hard to turn on and (especially) off (but at least the dogs aren't turning them on and off when they wrestle, which was the major issue with other lights). I use a prong from a collar clasp to turn them off. You really can't do it with your fingers (at least I can't)
3) the carabiner broke after a week of use. It made the light hang down a little too far anyway, and my puppy just bit at it (although with the light swinging on the carabiner, I found it to be more visible than my other dog's which is attached to his collar strap). My puppy bit the cover off of her own a couple of times and nearly swallowed it. But again, each time I managed to rescue the cover and the batteries. My older dog wears it on the Sportdog collar strap. This works better, but on a lab with lots of skin around his neck, it makes the light a little less visible. I really need two for his collar. It is very bright, but from the opposite side, I can't always see it. Now that I am training the puppy on the Sportdog collar, I will attach hers to that...but again, will probably need to buy another for her.
The light is very bright. I have a blue one and a white one, and they are blinding when you look right at them (but don't expect them to act like a flashlight). It's hard to explain why it isn't always really visible when directed away from you. It might just be the loose neck skin of my lab.
In all, it's the best solution I have found for our nighttime walks in the woods/fields. But it still isn't perfect for my needs. Maybe my expectations are a bit high...but at $15 each, I would love to not have to purchase two for each collar.


Thank you for sharing your experience, Renee! We are glad to hear that the Locator Beacon is keeping your dogs in sight, but sorry to hear that it has not met your needs and expectations fully. Please know that your feedback will be passed along to the appropriate parties for research and development purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 1-800-732-0144.

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