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YardTrainer 105

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YardTrainer 105

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  • YardTrainer 105
  • YardTrainer 105
  • YardTrainer 105

The YardTrainer 105 is a great introductory system designed for reinforcing basic dog obedience around the house or yard. The waterproof, compact Collar Receiver has a range of 100 yards, and the easy-to-use, water-resistant Remote Transmitter allows for 8 levels of stimulation as well as a tone-only button.

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  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • Lanyard
  • Long Contact Points
  • Operating Guide with Basic Training Tips by Pro Trainer Charlie Jurney
  • Test Light
Dog Temperament Moderate
Stimulation Levels 8
Tone/Vibration Options Tone-only button
Range Up to 100 yards
Expandable System One dog only
Waterproof Waterproof Collar Receiver. Water resistant Remote Transmitter
Dog Size 8 pounds or larger
Neck Size Up to 27.5"
Battery Type Uses 4 replaceable CR2032 batteries
Part Numbers FT-303, FT-303 SWR/2, LDT-303

Customer Reviews

Review by Tallulah Olson

(Posted on 8/16/14)


Changed my life!
I adopted a retired champion Wire Fox Terrier who had lived his life in a kennel. I also have 3 toy dogs and Terrier wants to play and had no idea that he was terrifying them when he would "jump" them - frequently. Why it took me a few months to figure out that a training collar was in order, I have no idea. Ordered this one after hours of reading on line descriptions and product reviews. E-collars tend to stop functioning and imperative was buying one from a reputable manufacture who will stand behind their product and Sportdog is that company. I was a little apprehensive about this model because it doesn't have a vibrate feature and so many reviews I read had said that they had never even had to use the shock feature because the audio cue followed by the vibrate was enough to correct their dog's behaviour.

The collar was easy to ready for operation and I shocked my own throat until I found a level I knew would not harm or frighten my dog. It took a bit of experimentation to get the hair on his throat to a short enough length where the collar was effective but that was easy. I cannot stress enough how FEW times I have had to use the short stimulation- under 10 since I got it, and never the long shock. He got the message immediately (I added a sharp "Aggggh!" verbal warning because the word "no" means nothing to him.) and life has been a dream for me and his 3 sisters ever since. No exaggeration - this collar worked like magic for us. Now when he shows any undesirable behaviour, the audio cue and my verbal command are enough to stop it immediately. He wears the collar most days but I almost never have to use it. The collar has never bothered him nor have the prongs ever left any marks on his throat. He seems perfectly comfortable in it. I LOVE the lanyard attached to the controller which I knew I had to have when I was looking. The batteries last more than a month and are very inexpensive. I cannot praise this collar highly enough!!!!

Review by Kelly

(Posted on 5/26/14)


This is a decent collar. The range isn't as far as we need. The batteries are drain really fast.

Review by JB

(Posted on 3/20/14)


older model sd-105/s
does each transmitter have their own frequency and will they overlap and cause both receivers to respond and shock both dogs from one transmitter? or can the transmitter frequency be reprogrammed so the frequency doesn't overlap?

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: This is a great question. On most of our transmitters you can adjust the transmitter channel so that you could have 2 transmitters on the same channel if you wanted to be able to control more than transmitter to control 1 collar receiver. The SD-105/105S/350 does not offer this capability. There is around a 1 in 50,000 chance that 2 transmitters would share a channel. If this has happened to you, give us a call at 800.732.0144 and we can get you fixed up.

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