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Review by David
(Posted on 3/13/16)


Collar Antennas
Unit works good if you can get by the antennas on the collar very poor quality. I have had this system for two seasons and run on rabbits Beagles and run them about 6 to 8 time a season at the end of every season I have had to replace 6 antennas at $20.00 a piece, I think they could come up with a better antenna by using a stainless twisted wire instead of a single strand wrap around a plastic straw covered with a vinyl wrap.


Hello David, thank you for taking the time to review our TEK Series 1.0 GPS Tracking. I apologize those antennas haven't been holding up for you and your Beagles. Although this is not a common experience, it is worth noting that we do offer a 2 year warranty with all of our TEK accessories. If you are ever having an issue, please give us a call at 1-800-275-6797 and we'll be happy to help.

Review by kyle
(Posted on 7/26/15)


works good
i have had my system for 2 years and i have not had any problems with it. i just wish you could get a software up date with maps on it. that would make that system a lot better.

Review by Luke blalock
(Posted on 1/14/15)


I've had this for a year and it has worked great. Then one day I got it out to charge to go hunting the next day and it wouldn't turn on. No reason at all it just wouldn't turn on.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with the system. We will get in touch with you to get your unit fixed up and fully functional again.

Review by jay clanton
(Posted on 12/3/13)


it is a good unit
it work really good i run walker hounds in Mississippi i am very pleased with it. The only improvement that i see it need is the map a topo map or something similar would be nice.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: TEK 2.0 will be available in 2014 and will offer all of the great features of TEK 1.0 plus topo maps and many more great features.

Review by Stacy Cain
(Posted on 11/21/13)


Tek 1.0 is a great unit for tracking you hounds
I purchased the tek 1.0 location system for use on some deer dogs. i live and hunt in the thick woods of florida and have had no problems with locating my dogs due to signal loss. I have had to go in and get them out of the swamps a few times and was able to walk right to my dogs get them and turn around an go straight back to where i marked my truck. The bottom line is that this unit works no questions about it.

Review by jon
(Posted on 12/30/12)




I have only used system 1 time
TEK 1.0 is the 1st GPS sytem I have owned. I have always ran beep collars, but my hearing is not so good anymore. I know I have missed some points. I hunt wild quail only in Southern Indiana and Southern Ill.
My GSP went on Point 127 yards away, she has always ran big. Inthe woods with 5" of snow and she is liver and white, so hard to see. I started to move to her. I could not see her at 30,20 or 10 yards. Tek said she was there, did not think it was working right, standing 4 yards away still could not see her, my buddy could not see her. I thought the Tek was not working, or the collar had come off. Turns out she was right in front of us the whole time on point inside of a big briar patch. Shot a single. So, trust your equipment. Thank you for the simple operating system in this product.
Jon G
Elberfeld, Indian

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