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Review by Chace
(Posted on 7/13/17)


Nothing but trouble
Purchased the Tek 1.0 gps e-collar in 2013. The first or second time I used it the GPS didn't work. Sent it in for a fix. When returned it worked fine but the prongs in the charging ports started to bend. You have to be super careful when plugging in. Now I have to check the collar every 15 minutes to make sure it is still charging because the connection is poor now. This past winter the GPS went out again.....just stopped working. So all winter my dog got to stay home or be on a leash or had to stay within sight. This was a significant investment. I justified it because my dog is very important to me. I lost big-time on this investment. Now I have to decide if I want to reinvest $800, definitely on a [other brand], or try to buy a replacement gps part for my existing E-collar. I hate to say it....but don't buy this collar, because you could be one of those guys like me that gets a dud.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the TEK-V1LT system. We hate to hear that you have had such a tough time with your system! Please know that this is not a typical experience by any means and that we do stand behind our product with a 2 year warranty and repair services.

If you would like to have your TEK repaired, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Nick Ritacco
(Posted on 9/22/16)


Just received; works great!
Just received my TEK 1.0 training/tracking collar today. Charged it up, and was able to set it up and use it right away. Very simple and straight forward operation. I purchased this after my pup spent an unplanned, overnight at a local conservation area. I've very excited, and feel more secure knowing I can track my pup if he gets "distracted" in the field. Also, I really like the ability to remove the E-Collar portion from the collar. I hope to run my pup in AKC Pointing Hunt Tests this coming year, and would like to keep the tracking collar on him (e-collars are not allowed in Hunt Tests).

Review by Mike
(Posted on 11/3/15)


Overall very satisfied
Other than the confusing/unclear instructions about intensity levels, I have been very happy with the system. I have 2 dogs who routinely ran off in DeerHunter mode, and would not listen to my recall. With this system, they only needed a few mild corrections to learn that they had to return immediately. They always were given the audible and vibrate alerts first, and now, these roaming monsters will always return quickly with a tone signal. I have even been able to recall them from chasing cattle with the audible signal only. The tracking is good, not always exact in direction, but being able to see speed and distance, one can quickly determine if the dogs are listening to the signals. I use this unit every weekend out at our property, and the two collars have taken a pretty good amount of water, and a lot of miles running through thick bush, and so far, it has been a pretty robust system. I get about 6-8 hours out of a charge, so I try to turn off the units when not in use. (The dogs also behave when the batteries are off because they don't know the batteries are off!)
So overall, it's expensive, but for me, it's better than losing a family pet, and the change in behavior alone is worth the cost.


Thank you for providing your feedback, Mike. We are sorry to hear that the instructions did not meet your needs and expectations, but we are so happy to hear that this system has been keeping your dogs safe and active. Please know that we are available for any assistance that you may need at 1-800-732-0144 and that your feedback will be passed on to the appropriate parties.

Review by Stacy
(Posted on 1/14/15)


Great system
I have four of the location collars and one of the location and shock collars. I have been using this system now for two years and love. it. Where i'm from in the south we use dogs for pursuing deer so we can cover some ground very quickly. I have never lost a dog with this system. Thanks for a unit that works.

Review by Rodney Crittendon
(Posted on 10/20/14)


Great collar-Just read the instructions
Couldn't be happier using this collar with my Walker. I know exactly how far away she is and what direction she is heading. Using the Treeing setting make this collar a must have. Just picked up a 8 week old pup yesterday and assure you that as soon as she is ready I will be adding a second collar. Best thing since sliced bread :)

Review by Donna
(Posted on 10/2/14)


Good GPS, Level 1 is too strong
I did contact customer service last year when I purchased the Tek1.0, but didn't get a reply as to what to do with it, or if they would check it out. I need to know the device is working properly. I can't imagine using any level higher than 1. My search and rescue GSD was about traumatized by the level 1 correction. Level 99 must be "electric chair" setting! It took me several months to have her interested in working again with the collar on at all. The lowest vibration level is the highest I will use with her, and she sometimes runs through it on the chase. I know Retrievers are encouraged to chase birds, but I don't want my herding dog killing people's chickens when we are on a rescue search.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: Sorry to hear that the level is so high for your dog. We will certainly look at the device for you, however it is most likely the number of options you have available for stimulation. There are 99 levels available. If set to a range of 1-99 these will go up very slowly. However, the range is customizable. If you have the range set for say 1-2, your stimulation is going to be very high. 1-20 will have bigger jumps between integers than a 1-99 and so forth. If you would still like to have your TEK analyzed, visit the TEK 1.0 support page. There is a form to fill out and send in to our technicians. Thanks!

Review by Kevin Noody
(Posted on 9/23/14)


Great product
Been using the gps unit on my coonhounds for a year now and have not had any trouble ever. I just purchased the add a dog collar with training module and right out of the box everthing works fine I will be using that collar tonight even though I don't have a dog right now that needs correction but I will check that tracking capability of this new collar. I have already recommended this unit to friends of mine and they have reported no problems either. I go bear hunting with some friends up north every year they all use the Garmin system and I find the Tek system to be much more user friendly. Not sure what all the complaining is about but read the manual and spend a little time in the woods with your dogs and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Review by Barbara Aubrey
(Posted on 9/9/14)


Horrible Product
This product is impossible to use. It lacks a functional compass, a map or anything to know where the dog actually is heading or where it is at without having to try to guess a location within 7-10 miles of where I am. Horrible customer support as well. I sent in a remote for the wetland hunter 400 that didn't work and I never received my refund for it. I sent the remote back in March and was told that they lost the remote and lost my refund. I will never do business with this company again and I will recommend that none of my clients make use of it for their dogs either.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry you're having trouble with the TEK product. The compass works, but does need to be calibrated. The dogs are tracked on this one through the directional arrows. If you go to the MAP screen you will see the dog in relation to you. It is not a topo map though. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns without speaking with Customer Care first. If a product is just sent in we cannot issue a refund because we have not seen proof of purchase, and refunds are issued through the retailers unless you purchased the product through us. We disco'd the SD-400CAMO about 3 years ago. If you still have your receipt the retailer may issue a refund if it is a recent purchase. Unfortunately, they will probably not issue a refund on a 3 year old product.

Review by Don Finley
(Posted on 8/12/14)


Tek 1 is an unreliable system but sportdog has great service and friendly people
When the product is working its great. I can track my dogs and if necessary correct them. That being said I started with just the handheld and the GPS collar but the collar malfunctioned. I decided to upgrade to the E collar and return the old system. The handheld for the E Collar system malfunctioned right out of the box So I got a new hand held. I bought two more e collars so I have 3. Each of the E collars has malfunctioned and one of them twice and it won't be long before another collar will go back for the second time. The new handheld malfunctioned today so it is going back.. I'm really frustrated with TEK 1.

I have another sportdog collar and handheld system and it has worked flawlessly for over two years.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We are sorry you have been having trouble. Our TEK 1.0 techs are amazing and will be able to make sure you are entirely straightened out. We will contact you today to discuss further what difficulties you are having and how we can get you totally taken care of. Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Dianna
(Posted on 5/25/14)


These collars will not stay working for over a month or two at at time.
I have had to send the collars back three times in one year. The hand held I send back for a refund and purchased again as it wasn't fixed. I am always told they are hoping this is the last time. Ill have to send the collars. I don't believe in the 3rd time is a charm rule. I'd say every time they are sent in, is time I can't use the product and the timing has always been bad, when I really need the collars they are in the mail or at the shop.

Review by Barbara Baxter
(Posted on 3/2/14)


Bad Battery
This is our second unit the battery on GPS keeps going bad.The first it was 2months first time and this time was about a month.
Like it but GPS battery keeps going bad. We have only owned it for 4months.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry you are having trouble with the battery. This product comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY and we have many options available to make sure that we fix this problem for good. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We will be in contact regarding your system.

Review by Ron Wasserman
(Posted on 11/23/13)


Just about all the features you could ever need.
This is really a one of a kind product. I have successfully trained my otherwise un-trainable beagle, and tracked her dozens of times. (Usually she is right in the neighborhood.)

The controls are very easy to use, even though the menus could be a touch simpler.

The GPS is usually spot on. It hooks up to the satellites quickly. It is really nice to have the GPS in real time, unlike some other dog GPS units. I have never tested it more than a few hundred yards though. One button goes from tracking to training mode. I'm not going to go through all the features here as they are numerous.

The trainer is very good. Having the beep and the vibrate is pretty much enough. If she ignores both of these, then she gets the shock at a low level. I've only occasionally had to resort to that.

The electronics can be a bit persnickety. I have sent it in for repair a time or two, and they have very swiftly honored the two year warranty. Once I got the repaired unit back in only a couple of days. Their customer service is excellent that way.

My only other complaints is that the nylon collar is a bit bulky for my smallish 13 inch beagle. I wouldn't use it for a dog smaller than that. The unit is a bit heavy for a small dog.

The one design flaw is the rubber cover for the charging port for the trainer battery. It is a little tiny thing that is attaced to the unit by a thread of rubber. It is hard to get the little stopple back into the port after you charge. Without the cover in I would imagine that the thing is not waterproof. Maybe it needs to be so tight for the waterproofing.

Review by alex
(Posted on 9/7/13)


SportDOG TEK 1.0 GPS
SportDOG TEK 1.0 GPS
Good day, you make a masterpiece in my opinion ! ! To work with a dog is a pleasure device of your company when I do not do not down! I came here with what NO PROBLEM ON THE MENU No RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ! Vit country SNG is a huge area for your market. Please contact us otvette to my email.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: Glad to hear you are enjoying your TEK 1.0. We appreciate your insight on the international market. We actually offer a different version of TEK for markets outside of the U.S. These systems utilize frequencies recommended by their specific regions and offer multiple languages. If you are interested in this version of the TEK 1.0 please visit to learn more. The system offers all of the same great features as the United States model, just more customized to your region. Thanks!

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