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SportHunter® 825

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SportHunter® 825

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The rugged, versatile SportHunter® 825 maximizes all of the advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG® has ever built into its e-collars. The system provides long-range capability up to 1/2 mile, making it well-suited for long-distance control of retrievers and big-running pointing dogs. Switch instantly between stimulation, vibration, and tone to fit the correction or communication to your dog’s temperament and learning ability. The SD-825 can be easily expanded to control up to 3 dogs by adding SportDOG Add-A-Dog® collars.

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Range Up to 1/2 mile
Stimulation Ranges 7 instantly selectable static stimulation levels with low/medium stim ranges
Option to train with vibration and tone
Expandable System Expandable to 3 dogs
Waterproof DryTek® waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
Dog Size For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5" - 22"
Batteries Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Charge in 2 hours, last 50-70 hours per charge
Low Battery Indicator Yes
  • Remote Transmitter with Removable Antenna
  • Receiver on 3/4" Collar Strap
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Standard Contact Points
  • Long Contact Points
  • Lanyard
  • Belt Clip
  • Test Light Tool
  • Operating Guide
  • Basic Training Manual & DVD
Product Dimensions Receiver without strap - 2.60"L X 1.30"W 1.23"D
Remote Transmitter without antenna - 3.55"L X 2.00"W X 1.24"D


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Customer Reviews

Review by Paul D.

(Posted on 3/27/17)


Great product, easy to use and very effective
I have two Irish Setter I take out every day and run, I trained them to recall on the beep its nice to have them the freedom to run and then just be able to beep them and have them come back. This was my first time trying a e-collar but now I love them, my dogs are happy and so am I and people I meet are impressed. It give me peace of mind to have control over them and to keep them safe. When I get their collars our they are so excited that to me is one of the best parts of the collars. Since Setters are sensitive dogs I was worried when I first used them but I went slow and they responded so well! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a good solid product.

Review by T Mac

(Posted on 11/16/16)


Bought a new collar (SportHunter 825) on 4/27/15. It worked great on my young GSP, and I even posted a 5 star review on 11/3/15. On around 1/1/16 the receiver would only work from a few feet away, any farther than that, nothing. So that original receiver went bad. Sportdog sent me a replacement receiver on 1/5/16. That 2nd receiver has now gone bad on 11/14/16 (doing the same thing, won't work past 10 feet). A third receiver is now on it's way. Luckily, the warranty was two years. But two bad receivers in less than a year and a half? Come on, there seems to be a real problem with their quality control. What really puts salt in the wound is that my warranty from the original receiver expires on 4/27/17 and customer service has made no offer to extend the warranty on the replacement receivers, in fact they have made it clear that the receivers are only covered under the original warranty. So, when this new replacement goes bad in the next several months (and I am almost sure it will), I have to hope it does so before 4/27/16. If it is after that date, I guess I will have to look into buying a [other brand].


Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns, T Mac. We are terribly sorry to hear that you have experienced range issues, and we would like to help find a fair, long-term solution for you. We will be contacting you privately so that we can find a way to help and create a better experience for you and your dogs.

Review by Jim M.

(Posted on 9/22/16)


Worked For My Stubborn GSD
My beautiful German Shepherd was stubborn to come back when called when we were in the nearby fields or golf course. He would get close to me but would not come completely back. When I went to reach for him he would run off and stop. This became a problem when there were other dogs or people around that I did not expect. That is not a problem any more. Once I got the setting figured out, and the sizing of the collar, he is back on command. It would be easy to abuse this device and could make a dog fearful if used incorrectly, but that is not why anybody should be using this tool. My dog is obedient and recalls immediately. Highly recommend the purchase.

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