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Silent Whistle

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Silent Whistle

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The SportDOG Brand® Silent Whistle has a light, single-body construction with an adjustable high-frequency tone that is audible to dogs but nearly silent to human ears. A silent dog whistle is great for training or use in the field to avoid distracting others with an audible whistle.


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  • High-frequency, nearly silent tone
  • Light, single-body construction
  • Removable cap allows for adjustment of tone
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Directions for use:

  • Remove cover to expose adjustment screw.
  • Turn adjustment screw until audible pitch is heard.
  • Continue to twist until tone disappears.
  • Tighten locking ring.
  • Replace cover.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Ryan

(Posted on 9/2/14)


Work Great Unless it's Cold
These work great as long as you tune the sound to a consistent sound, especially if you're hunting in a group that uses conventional whistles (you're dog won't react to the standard whistle). The problem that I've found with all silent whistles is that once it's below about 20 degrees (or if you're a snuffer) they clog up with ice and won't work. Other than cold conditions, they work great

Review by daniel jp

(Posted on 4/28/14)


It doesn't work!
"Remove cover to expose adjustment screw"??????? What cover? What screw?

The black portion of the whistle just rotates and rotates; it doesn't come off and nothing happens. My dog doesn't pay any attention to it whatsoever.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: That is a great question. The black portion of the whistle actually does come off. It is tight to remove, but this ensures that it will not fall off in the field. After you remove the black portion you will find the tuning dial. Rotate until the whistle is silent and you notice a reaction from your dog. After this, replace the black portion and it will be good to go.

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