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SDF-R In-Ground Fence™ Add-A-Dog® Collar


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SDF-R In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog® Receiver

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Add another dog to your current SportDOG Brand® In-Ground Fence™ system (SDF-100A) or replace a Collar Receiver with the SDF-R Add-A-Dog® Receiver. The In-Ground Fence™ system is expandable to any number of dogs over 10 pounds.

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  • Anti-Linger Feature prevents dog from running down Collar Receiver battery in warning zone
Stimulation Ranges 4 levels of static stimulation to match any dogs’ temperament
Vibration and tone
Waterproof Waterproof Collar Receiver
Dog Size For dogs 10 pounds or larger
Batteries Replaceable 9-Volt battery
Lasts about 6-12 months
System Compatibility Compatible with SportDOG In-Ground Fence™ systems (SDF-100, SDF-100A)
  • Collar Receiver
  • Long Contact Points
  • Test Light Tool
  • Operating Guide
Product Dimensions Receiver without strap - 2.70"L X 1.60"W X 1.70"D


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Customer Reviews

Review by M. Godfrey

(Posted on 6/14/16)


The good and the BAD
The inside components work great however the collar receivers are junk. The closure screws began breaking within months. The post screws for electric contacts have broke and become detached from the collar. The short story is the plastic will not hold up with normal outside dogs. Improve the plastics on the receiver. I have glued,,,,taped,,,,and jury rigged so many times just because of weak plastic.
If I could rate the plastic it would be a 1 star. You should at least offer a discount price for the receivers.


Thank you for sharing your experience! We are sorry to hear of the difficulty you have had with your receiver collars, and can understand how this would be frustrating. We try to make our collars as durable as possible, but we realize that no receiver is truly indestructible. Please know that your feedback has been passed along to the design and development team! If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Lisa Wendt

(Posted on 5/30/16)


Reciever leaked
We set up this fence for about 30 acres. We had to get higher gage wire as the deer would break it. We love the break alarm. We have been having receiver issues. Our German Shorthair tends to dig a lot in springs etc....we are now on our second collar because of water damage. It gets real expensive having to replace collars every 8 months. We are going to try to make this next one more water proof ourselves. It would also be nice if they were rechargeable. Thanks!


Thank you for sharing your feedback, Lisa! We are glad to hear that the fence has worked well for your German Shorthair, but sorry to hear that you have had some trouble with the collar. Your collar does carry a one year warranty and your feedback and experience have been passed along to the development and design team for review. We will be contacting you privately for a solution. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-275-6797.

Review by Ryan

(Posted on 4/28/16)


Good but the plastic needs to be stronger
Love my system! Installed it on about an acre of hillside land, and it works great! Flash was trained up on it in about 3 days as a 9 month old lab. It was a breeze with lots is flags, treats, and flushing him away from the line. I have to say it was pretty cool to watch the little guy look up and down the line of flags, as if to say "okay I get it, let's party!" The only down side is that mine is three years old and the only issue is the screws holding the battery cover on. Like many of you have experienced the plastic corners chip out and before you know it water from snow and rain seeps in and destroys the collar. Wish there was a neoprene wrap or something to keep is protected better. Not looking forward to spending another $100.


Thank you for sharing your and Flash's experience with the SportDOG In-Ground Fencing system. We highly recommend completing the full training guide, but are glad to hear that your lab was able to be trained to the system so quickly! We are sorry to hear of the trouble you have experienced with the housing of the collar. Please know that this feedback has been passed along and we do value the voice of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 1-800-732-0144.

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