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FieldTrainer® 425S

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FieldTrainer® 425S

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  • FieldTrainer® 425S
  • FieldTrainer® 425S

FieldTrainer 425S Stubborn Dog Model

The FieldTrainer® 425S takes the most advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG™ Brand has ever built into its e-collars and packaged it up in the most compact system ever offered. Designed specifically for tougher, more stubborn dogs, the 425S has a higher range of stimulation than the SD-425. The 425 series is ideal for training in the yard, field, or for hunting with close-working dogs. Switch instantly between stimulation, vibration, and tone to fit the correction or communication to your dog’s temperament and learning ability. This new 425S Model is an upgraded replacement for the FieldTrainer 400S.

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  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • Lanyard
  • Basic Training Manual & DVD
  • Operating Guide
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Test Light
Dog Temperament Stubborn
Continuous Stimulation 7 levels
Momentary Stimulation 7 levels
Beeper Compatibility Compatible with UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper SD-BEEP
Tone/Vibration Options Instantly select stimulation, vibration, or tone
Modes Of Operation 7
Range Up to 500 yards
Expandable System Expandable up to 3 dogs
Waterproof DRYTEK waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Charge Time 2-hour quick charge
Part Numbers FT-125, SDT54-13889, SDT00-13857, SDT00-13861, SR-225

Customer Reviews

Review by Caitlyn

(Posted on 12/17/14)


Great Product!
My boyfriend and I bought this for our 1.5 year old black lab. He is very food motivated so when we worked with food he was very easy to train. When we let him outside, it was a completely different story. He would run away and think it was a game so we would need to chase him or risk him becoming injured. He is also very stubborn and has a mind of his own at times. Let me tell you, half a year later and almost a daily use, he is a completely different dog. We wake up, and he knows he gets the collar and he is able to go outside and run free. He wags his tail as soon as he sees it. He loves to be free especially when we go to family events where other dogs are able to run free and he can now join instead of us fearing the worst and keeping him on a leash. We recently got another lab puppy and instead of trying to beat around the bushes again, we bought an add a dog collar so she can also run free. We haven't used it yet, since she is not old enough yet, but we have high expectations. It is truly a great investment and I would recommend sport dog products to anyone and everyone. Don't believe anyone when they say that the collar can hurt your dog. If you watch the video and read the basic training book before you put the collar on your dog, you'll know how to use the collar, and things to avoid.

Review by kathi

(Posted on 10/30/14)


best tool ever
I made this purchase after my son had a hunting dog and I saw how perfectly the dog listened with the aid of this collar. I have since purchased two(1 replaced for lost collar) and plan on getting two more in about 1week! I want to add onto the sd425s for our 3 dogs. I wish the newest collar was more affordable for dogs that like to run around the neighborhood just so they would be easier to find! Btw our Dobie is a perfect gentledog thanks to his manners being "reminded about" by wearing this collar, the golden and min pin are next to have their manners improved!

Review by Michael Dodd

(Posted on 10/19/14)


had it for about four months and changed the way me and my gsp work together,the only down fall is two days before our first grouse hunt, the transmitter seems to be only working at very close range, hope it's just the battery, anyhow bought the 1225 for the hunt, hope that it stands up to the sportdog promise, more to come on the 1225.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with your SD-425S. We do offer a warranty on our 425 that would prevent you from having to purchase a new system. The SD-1225 does offer a much bigger range than the SD-425S, but we also offer batteries through our Customer Care Center and almost all of our e-collars offer user replacement batteries.

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