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FieldTrainer® 425


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FieldTrainer® 425

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  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425

The FieldTrainer® 425 takes the most advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG™ Brand has ever built into its e-collars and packaged it up in the most compact system ever offered. Ideal for training in the yard, field, or for hunting with close-working dogs, the 425 model allows you to switch instantly between stimulation, vibration, and tone. This new 425 Model is an upgraded replacement for the FieldTrainer 400 (SD-400).

Key Features "Flawless design" - Gun Dog Magazine
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • Lanyard
  • Basic Training Manual & DVD
  • Operating Guide
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Test Light
Dog Temperament Moderate
Continuous Stimulation 7 levels
Momentary Stimulation 7 levels
Beeper Compatibility Compatible with UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper SD-BEEP
Tone/Vibration Options Instantly select stimulation, vibration, or tone
Modes Of Operation 7
Range Up to 500 yards
Expandable System Expandable up to 3 dogs
Waterproof DRYTEK™ waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Charge Time 2-hour quick charge
Part Numbers FT-125, SDT54-13889, SDT00-13857, SDT00-13858, SR-225

Customer Reviews

Review by David Lewis

(Posted on 7/23/14)


How about stronger packageing
Started out as a great product. However, I don't know how he did it but the dog chewed it off his neck (had one finger clearance on tightness) and chewed the device to destruction. Perhaps a stronger (metal reinforced) collar and a die cast casing. The construction of this thing (while looks nice) reminds me of a toy.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry to hear he was able to chew through the collar. That is not something we have seen before. It is not uncommon for the receivers to be chewed on so we design them to be able to withstand that. We can help you out with warranty service. This collar receiver is designed to be much lighter than others we offer. The reason for this is some people prefer a lighter collar on their dog. Less weight for the dog to carry. It does feel very light in the hand since it only weighs a few ounces, but is designed to withstand great force.

Review by Amanda

(Posted on 6/29/14)


Great while it lasted!
This product worked wonderfully for about 4 or 5 months. Over a period of a couple weeks, it went from not being able to hold a charge for more than an hour or two, to not even turning on!

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your system. Based on what you're saying, it sounds like you may have an adapter issue. We will get in touch with you via the email that you provided with this review. You are also always welcome to call us at 800.732.0144. We can easily get this taken care of for you quickly. Thank you

Review by Keith Panaro

(Posted on 6/5/14)


My dogs hearing aid
I have a deaf dog named “Blitz” short for “Blitzen” (not that a name helps him) and I refer to the collar as his hearing aid. We got him from Deaf Dogs of Oregon when he was 10-weeks old and he has had this collar on since he was 12-weeks old. He will be 2-yr old in October.
We use the vibrate feature to get his attention and he looks at us to receive hand signal commands. The multiple level of stimulation with the continuous and nip feature are very useful for the times when he is too busy sniffing or rough-housing with our other dog to recognize or respond to the vibration.
Training was a cinch. Buzz him with vibrate and as soon as he shows and response, reward with a treat. In only 1-2 days, when he feels the buzz, he would run almost in a panic to find who has the treat for him. Now we have shifted to sporadic treats as reinforcement. At night we take the collar off him to turn it off and charge it as needed, usually every other day or so, and in the morning he will stretch his neck out to receive the collar.
The other features have been useful for teaching the boundaries of our property or stopping him from getting into a dangerous position. Living in the country on the end of a dead-end road, I do not worry that much about cars but I also do not want him wondering off the property into the road. So a firm nip the first time or two he stepped into the road has him believing something in the road bites. Now once every couple of months he “tests the waters” and gets a mild reminder.
Now I recommend this collar for anyone adopting a Deaf Dog. And just to add, Deaf Dog do make GREAT PETS, if you take the time to train them properly. This collar made All Of The Difference.
Great product. More than just a hunting collar.
Thank you SportDOG
Panaro Family
Hillsboro, Oregon

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