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FieldTrainer® 425

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FieldTrainer® 425

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  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425
  • FieldTrainer® 425

The FieldTrainer® 425 takes the most advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG™ Brand has ever built into its e-collars and packaged it up in the most compact system ever offered. Ideal for training in the yard, field, or for hunting with close-working dogs, the 425 model allows you to switch instantly between stimulation, vibration, and tone. This new 425 Model is an upgraded replacement for the FieldTrainer 400 (SD-400).

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Key Features "Flawless design" - Gun Dog Magazine
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • Lanyard
  • Basic Training Manual & DVD
  • Operating Guide
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Test Light
Dog Temperament Moderate
Continuous Stimulation 7 levels
Momentary Stimulation 7 levels
Beeper Compatibility Compatible with UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper SD-BEEP
Tone/Vibration Options Instantly select stimulation, vibration, or tone
Modes Of Operation 7
Range Up to 500 yards
Expandable System Expandable up to 3 dogs
Waterproof DRYTEK waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Charge Time 2-hour quick charge
Part Numbers FT-125, SDT54-13889, SDT00-13857, SDT00-13858, SR-225

Customer Reviews

Review by Tom Reiley

(Posted on 11/28/14)


Same as Another Reviewer: Side Button Cover
Well, the collar works great. The transmitter worked great. That is until the side button popped off somewhere in a field. I can't find a source for a replacement and some stronger glue.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We can help you get a replacement. We will email you at the provided address or you can call us at 800.732.0144.

Review by John Emanuels

(Posted on 11/23/14)


Doesn't work for 2 dogs at one time
I bought the product because the company says that it works for 2 dogs. Now that I am training my second dog, I learned that one cannot use the transmitter with two dogs at the same time. I can put two different collars on two different dogs, but when I hit a button on the transmitter it makes both collars do the same thing at the same time. SportDOG is very sly in not disclosing this important fact. They do not disclose in their product description that their product will transmit to two dogs but not individually. They tell only a portion of the story.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: Hello John. It does work on the two dogs individually. If yours is correcting both at the same time then you have both of the transmitter IDs set up to be the same. If the collar is set up correctly, one dog will be linked to the Top Button and the other dog linked up to the Lower button. You also need to make sure you are in the correct mode to operate multiple dogs. Here is the SD-425 manual so you can see how to link up to collars: We will also reach out to you directly to walk you through setting up the collar correctly so that you can operate the multidog function correctly. Thanks!

Review by Desiree

(Posted on 11/5/14)


So happy!
I have an adopted german shepherd mix who is now exactly one year old. I took her to puppyclass and then to basic obedience classes for 6 weeks followed by canine good citizen classes for 6 weeks which she didnt pass because she is too easily distracted and then I hired a private police dog trainer for 4 classes and he said she does very well but her recall is not very well and she still tries to defy me when she can and he said an e-collar would help a lot. I was sceptical because I had the wrong idea about these collars. I thought it was an easy way out instead of training your dog without extreme gear like this. Until I read the reviews on this website and learned for the first time that hunters use it as well and that convinced me!
I used it the first time when my trainer was there to help me and within 5 minutes my dog was walking off leash on a path next to her doggypark where there were lots of distractions. I couldnt believe it! Next two days I practised recall in our backyard by only zapping on number one maybe 2 and since then she comes immediately even when she is not wearing her collar! It's like I'm having a new dog! She seems more submissive but very happy still! Even other people are noticing the difference. What a relief! So much more fun now to go out! Already recommended it to several other people in our dogpark.

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